Seven Pillars Catholic School

Globally Aware... Socially Concerned... Liberates Minds and Lives... Through Strong Values Formation, Academic Excellence and Exemplary Leadership.

Seven Pillars Catholic School upholds a family atmosphere

that is conducive to an optimal state of learning as well as character development. Here, our students develop self-confidence socially and academically, 

as the Seven Pillars community cheers them on.


Featured Article:

We strengthen your child's E.Q. ...

... to unlock all potentials of your child's I.Q.

According to a study conducted by TalentSmart, a world-renowned provider of emotional intelligence tests, people who have high emotional quotients (EQs) are more likely to become successful than those who have high intelligence quotients (IQs).* It was shown that those with higher EQs possess healthy interpersonal and intrapersonal behaviours that enable them to demonstrate creativity and confidence in the workplace, as well as their chosen fields.


Here at Seven Pillars, we give primacy to the strengthening of your child’s EQ to unlock all potentials of his/her IQ. Seven Pillars integrates strong value and spiritual formation in achieving academic excellence. This is accomplished through our competent faculty & staff who never fail to be hands-on with our students, being genuinely involved in their holistic development.

* and

“18 Behaviours of Emotionally Intelligent People”.